Starting Equipment

For Mission 1 these are only unlocked when designated in the Mission – All kits include the Techan Adventurers Kit

Front Grounder: Assault Rifle, Revolver, Flack Longcoat, Concussion Grenade

Heavy Grounder: Machine Light Cannon, Revolver, Synthetic weave Armor, Concussion Grenade

Officer Marshal: Flack Longcoat, Revolver, Autoloader, Smoke Grenade

Mechanic Operator: Synthetic weave Armor, Autoloader, Machine Pistol, Smoke Grenade

Medic Operator: Synthetic weave Armor, Autoloader, Machine Pistol, Collapsible Baton, Smoke Grenade, Capsicum Spray

Gunslinger Stalker: Machine Pistol, Autoloader, Synthetic weave Armor, extra ammo.

Sniper Stalker: Bolt sniper rifle, Synthetic weave Armor, Concussion Grenade, Smoke Grenade

Sentinel Vanguard: Synthetic weave Armor, Long sword, Dagger, Machine Pistol, Collapsible baton.

Standard Techan Adventurers Kit: Similar to a fantasy adventurer’s kit, this kit is designed for a Techan adventurer kit. It includes the following: Two Battery Flares, Five Chemical Light Sticks, one Compass, one Sleeping Bag, one Lighter, one Canteen (Waterskin) and one week of ESR rations. (15 credits)

Starting Equipment

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