Character Death

Character Death:

If a character dies during a Mission, the player has two choices**.

1.) He or she can bring the same character back at the beginning on the next Mission with four fewer healing surges (if they die again, it will be minus 8 healing surges, not to go below 1)*

2.)He or she can start a new level appropriate character.

If a character dies and has fewer than four healing surges remaining, that character loses all of his or her remaining healing surges and can return next Mission but has hit points equaling only his or her bloodied value.

*If a Player character dies a third time- they are dead.

Note: For every character death, the GM will instill 1d3 ‘psychological damages’ these can be anything from a nervous tick, to being afraid of the dark (or light), or cats. Or refrigeration. It will be random. It will be utilized in-game. The character will be terrified of the the object of their fear. Then again- they may get the compulsive need to close every door 7 times in a row every time they enter a room or exit it (taking a -2 to attack and skill rolls if they fail to do so). It will be ‘interesting’ if you choose to drag your beloved PC back from beyond the grave more than a time or two….

  • Note… If your character is reduced to ash, torn limb from limb, decapitated, etc. – there is no ‘revival’ option. Your ‘corpse’ must be returned to base “quickly”, and mostly in-tact, in order to be ‘revived’. Valhalla Corp’s medical facilities are bleeding edge for their time, however they cannot rebuild the entire body, or the brain…

Character Death

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