Valkyrie Chronicles

Day 3: Recap

They chose: Rescue the child.

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Day 3: Choices
Bail a VIP out of jail, or save a VIP's child.... What is your choice?
Day 1: Recap
DAY 1: Destination FREEPORT

Day 1:

This Mission is designed for a group of five to six level 1 adventurers. Players can choose from either one of the six premade characters, or utilize either a Class from the Amethyst setting, or a authorized Class from other assorted materials. The Players should reach Level 2 by the end of this adventure.

The Town of Freeport, Wa. Is a sleepy island Naval town that has seen incredible growth over the last few years due to the influence and development of Valhalla Corp. Valhalla Corp is a Government and Civilian Contractor Mega Corporation with Divisions in: Medical Science, Biotechnology, Systems Development & Engineering. Since their arrival in Freeport almost 2 decades prior, they have generated almost a thousand jobs, and aided in everything from building schools to hospitals and port development. Your group of Adventurers work as Armed Security Officers for Valhalla Corp.’s first Public Sempra Treatment Center. Sempra has recently been released to the public for it’s introductory period and due to demand, Freeport has become overcrowded as people flock to the ‘sleepy little town’.(Hand out Sempera Brochure).

Rumors of severe complications are spreading in regards to taking black market equivalents of the Sempera treatments, and there is some public outcry against it, due to it’s advertisements of prolonged longevity and underlying Nanite driven genetic manipulation. Valhalla Corp cautions that high-profile customers will be in and around the area, and that no civic unrest is to affect the customers, or threaten their stores.
The Players must follow the following basic orders throughout this period:
1. Protect Valhalla Corp’s Family and Facility
2. Protect Valhalla Corp’s interests in the area
3. Protect Valhalla Corp’s Customers
4. Respond with minimum force necessary to a conflict.

The players will find quickly that the threat of black market Sempera is very real. Those who have taken it (typically overseas) do receive it’s benefit- at first. In the few short weeks of the black market brands launch, nothing has been noted to go wrong- and some news agencies have speculated that the manifold side effects of black market Sempera may just justify the cost savings for some. However, those who took the back alley treatments have begun to develop an unquenchable hunger and spiraling madness. The players will deal with this initial outbreak (which occurs in the protest out front of the treatment center), and then choose amongst paths as they attempt to help Valhalla Corp, themselves, and Survivors in the Area deal with the initial outbreak and the government’s reaction to the outbreak.

At the beginning of the adventure, the Players’ characters are walking into a Operations meeting in the Security room of the Sempera Center. Let the players decide if they are very familiar with each other, or merely passing acquaintances just now meeting each other in the meeting room. Rephrase the following text as needed depending on their choices.

Within a dim, smoke filled room, rows of military and otherwise ‘professional’ soldiers sit idly. Some equipped with blades and other archaic weaponry, others with pistols and rifles. You and your friends grab a cup of coffee, chatting and sit down next to each other near the door. A projector whirrs lazily, undercutting the idle sounds of dozens of thumping legs and fingers waiting… The lights turn out, and a briefing begins. The scientists brief you on the generic information in the Sempera brochures, and that over 5,000 people are trying to either receive treatment or protest the treatments each day in the town (a few murmurs of ‘Naw, really?’ ripple through the room). It is explained that only non-lethal weapons are allowed to be carried on the person while on patrol or exterior monitoring duties. The back rows (your characters) are assigned to be the ferrymen for the day, picking up the new shipment from the waterfront, and escorting it to the nearby warehouse. Each team is assigned a Squad leader- yours is Sgt. Rojas ‘Red’ Kamision.(Sgt. Red Shirt ;-) )

The speaker has each of you finish signing your waivers of employment, and issue you a PDA device for communications and information, a tazer, Clearance ID badge, and a baton. The speaker explains that the Clearance ID Badges will secure your PDA, as well as all doors, corporation building infrastructure, and other secured devices or containers that you have access to.

The Players are led by Sgt. Kamision outside to the waiting armored semi. There they load up and depart for the warehouse.


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